Just a special thank you to you, Dr. Hoover and your staff for the warmth, kindness, and friendliness shown me during my visit. A sometimes "not so pleasant experience" was turned into a very pleasant and rewarding day at your office. My fears were all quickly erased by all your "caring hands". My tooth is doing great & thank you so much.

Very Sincerely, A very happy patient,

Barbara Davis

Thank you very much for getting my appointment so quickly and taking great care of me!! You guys are great, and we appreciate you at our office.

Thanks again,

Tom Gardenhire, D.D.S.

Top notch staff and state of the art facility. I have been to 3 endodontists over the decades and Dr. John is by far the best. I would not think of going anywhere else for a root canal.


Dr. Gary Gesualdi

I want to thank you for your kindness to me today. I know I will not be telling any "horror stories" regarding root canals. From the first phone call to walking out of the office I was treated with upmost kindness. Thank you!

Bridget Purdy

I worked myself up for nothing. This was the best dental experience ever! Thank you so much for making it pain free! After looking at your website over the weekend and reading the testimonials I felt confident that my teeth would be in good hands. I am very grateful. Thanks again!

Farosha Loyde

I just wanted to thank you for the great job you did on my tooth. You and your staff were extremely wonderful, sweet and caring.

Thanks Again,

Jennifer Riddle

Dr. John Hoover and his lovely assistant Michelle made a root canal an actual pleasant experience. They make an outstanding team!

Sammy Parris

Music Minister

Waterville Baptist Church

I know this may be hard for you to understand, but I truly want to thank you for the root canal that you did on me. When I had the root canal done seven years ago on the same tooth by someone else, I always had discomfort on and off, a spongee type feeling when I would bite down on the area. Since you did the work, I have had absolutely no discomfort whatsoever from day one and it's the first time in years. I had to let you know. Your staff was top notch, I have had lots of experience with staff's in physicians offices and dental offices in the Miami area and your office was great. Thank you once again.



Thank you so much for the pain free dental work and for saving my tooth. Thank you seems so little for so much - Your work is greatly appreciated.


Kelly Schiff-Latshaw

Thank you so much for the kindness and "Tender Loving Care" you and your staff extended to me during my recent procedure. Please pass along my gratitude to Kathy and your caring staff. Thank you, again.

Tee Carr

Dr. Hoover, I feel strange saying "thank you" for my root canal - it was the "nicest" one I ever had! You are incredible giving the shots and being concerned with making the tooth PERFECT. I don't know how you do it, but your technique and care are amazing. Thank you so much. Your practice should be applauded also. Don't go away, I may need you again. Thank you.

Sincerely, Virginia R.

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